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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Fishtalk, Feb 2, 2010.

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    I have a G3 Pismo with 640 Ram and about 7GB free space on the HD. But I plan to install TIGER on my ext. FW HD partition on which for the moment, I have my Panther OS Back up. This disc has about 10GB free space. In theory I'm doing an Install and archive.... so in total (counting my Panther OS back up) I have about 18GB. In my ext. HD partition. I assume Tiger installs over// and uses parts of the Panther System. Plus, I'm not going to install ' other languages' or 'other printers' which should lighten it up a bit. Some guy on another Forum said I'd need more than 10GB free space. But In the "Read before installation" PDF it says I need minimum 256 RAM and 3 to 4GB free HD space, so I think I have enough space???
    Up until now I’ve been trying to boot from Preference System
    " Start up Disc" Selecting the Tiger DVD and rebooting.... But this doesn't seem to work. It starts to boot then I get " waiting for disc” and finally it boots into my old Panther OS. The Tiger DVD seems to be real slow in booting…. For example when I open it onto the desk I get about 3 minutes worth of huffing and puffing before it finallly appears.
    So Now I'll try 'Force booting' from C
    Is this right? Insert the Tiger DVD then turn off my Mac / Or reboot with the Disc inserted and hold down C until it boots? (I don’t have the chimes ‘cos my int. speakers are duff.) so It’s C from the black screen ?
    One last thing, on my DVD copy I have The Black X install disc
    A couple of info PDF's and a file Marked "X code tools"
    When and if I get this thing up and running what to I do with X tools.... are they necessary or an option ? If necessary where do I put them?
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    You're doing it right. The disk may just be damaged.

    My Tiger install takes about 4 GB with all printer drivers, localizations, and so forth disabled. However, that's a fresh install. Upgrade installs require significantly more space.

    Xcode is optional.
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