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    Aug 14, 2014
    I had a question regarding iphone backup and icloud syncing. I dont have my iphone anymore and i wanted to access the data (messages photos etc) in my icloud backup. If i access my iCloud via desktop web browser, it only shows my contacts, my notes, and very little other information. I know my iphone backs up my messages, applications, camera roll - EVERYTHING - but i cannot access it unless i plug my phone into iTunes and redownload my backup. Is there a program or service or any way that you know of that I can access ALL of my information stored on my icloud in easy to view format? Or is my only option to get a phone and restore the backup onto it. any help would be very greatly appreciated. thanks
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    Jun 11, 2009
    you can use iPhoto to get your pictures back!

    a warning abut iCloud . icloud automatically purges old pictures. if you do not save them you lose your pictures. it is very important for you to get your hands on iPhoto or someone else's iPhone to save your pictures. if you wait they will be gone forever.

    iPhoto keeping your pictures forever in the cloud will be a new feature in iOS 8

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