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Discussion in 'macOS' started by biodigitaljazz, Jun 6, 2011.

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    Jun 6, 2011
    Some of these new updates from Apple have me worried about the compatibility of new technology with my current situation. I'm making the switch from PC/generic MP3 player to the Apple world for college. I've been building a collection of music, movies, photos, and videos on an external hard drive. These questions arose from my following the Live updates of the WWDC, reading the post-conference news, and reading around on

    Due to the area I live in, and budget, I am unable to get wireless internet, or any hi-speed at all. My family suffers with dial up. Does this mean that I wouldn't be able to wirelessly sync my iTunes library with an iPod touch? Or does the connection go between those two devices wirelessly?

    Also, would I be correct in assuming that I can use iCloud without using iTunes Match? 95% of my music was NOT from the iTunes store, and I love the idea of buying a song from the iTunes Store on an iPod touch (when I'm in a wi-fi ready area) and then have it go right to my Macbook Pro, as well as adding an event to my calendar on the iPod touch, and then be popped up with a reminder when I log into my Macbook the morning of the event.

    One last thing, I read about how in the new mail, you'd get a new email address, or something. Earlier this year, I switched from a Yahoo! account TO a Gmail, just so I'd be able to use it with Mac mail. I also have a college email that I sometimes forget to check. Now they're giving me another address? Maybe I just am misunderstanding.

    Oh: and once iOS-5 and Lion are released to the general public, all devices bought from on or after that date will ship with the new software installed, correct? And the $29.95 is just for those who already have a Mac with Snow Lion?

    Thanks a lot!
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    Using iCloud e-mail, like using any other e-mail address, is optional. You can still use GMail with Mac Mail.

    Not necessarily. In the past there have been models that sell with the old OS installed; customers usually get a free hard copy of the update in that case. With Lion slated to be distributed through the App Store, maybe customers will get some kind of code they can credit towards the new OS.

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