Some questions regarding Time Machine and Flash - pre current series iMac


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Aug 25, 2009
Hey guys,

So as you can see from the title - I have an iMac from the series before the current, 24" 4GB 2.66GHz model, and just for reference, my external hard drive is a 500GB Maxtor.

I won't beat around the bush...

About Time Machine - I have had an external hard drive sitting around my flat for ages, and I decided to hook it up to my new Mac when I bought it because obviously I thought it couldn't hurt if I got it to back up my stuff with Time Machine, which judging by all the Key Notes I have watched, looked fairly easy. Apparently not. In the Time Machine interface, I select which folders I want it to back up, but it doesn't seem to back them up, I might be wrong though - I'll explain!

As I said, the hard drive it self is 500GB, and has 480 actual GBs on disk. I'm fine with this because it got explained to me why this happens. But the total size of all the files I tell it to backup is 120GBs, so if I am correct, the first backup it did, it should have taken up 120GB for the first backup, and then added more backups, but only the files I've changed, right? Then could someone please explain to my why when I look at the HD it self in Finder, it says that it has 450GBs free? :s

About Flash - ever since I have upgraded to 10.6.2, I seem to be having a lot of issues with flash, mainly flickering when I play YouTube videos, Firefox goes crazy when I use the iPlayer (BBC's online streaming service) and every site that has flash adverts totally renders my browser unusable. I can understand if there are issues with Flash, but is there a way to reduce crashes at least? I thought by switching to Apple/Mozilla products, and staying away from MS/IE, crashes would have been a thing of the past....

TIA guys!

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