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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Moshiiii, Nov 20, 2006.

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    I've got a/some questions for established and starting designers (that plan to live off the income of their designs).

    I'm 19, I've been going to a community college in a small town for two years. I'm not happy with school, my parents want me to finish my "Two Year" (funny how its called two year degree but can take up to four years!) and transfer to a university to finish a buisness degree. Looking down at the next four years of buisness classes makes me want to drop out, I'm practically doing just that. Uniterested in buisness I rarley show up to my classes, the irony is that my community college is so easy I'm still managing to maintain a 3.50 gpa. I'm sure this is a common thing...

    I've always showed interest in Digital Design and Photography. I've got a technical school degree in Digital Design, I was going half day to High School and half day to a Technical School. Anyways, I want to go to an art school.

    My parents arguments twards going out of town/state to school covers from them being concerned about me tallying up dept while in school to concerned that a buisness degree will be more usefull to fall back on.

    I just really need to hear another side of the argument. All I can talk about college to are my parents and they are of course one sided. Can I really walk out of college with a 5 year dept? How can going to school and having to work part time to provide a place to live work out?

    I want to make a decision by the end of the year. I just need something to grasp on to before I make the jump to live on my own.
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    My 2 Cents

    I didn't go to school for design or photography but, I have friends who have gone and just got strictly design degrees and graduate from college with a 4 year degree and have a very tough time finding a job (even in ATL) that pays well enough to support themselves.

    If I was to go to school, I would go for a 4 year degree that goes along with design, a lot of companies now a days are looking for verticality in their employees, more you do can do them, easy you will be hired.

    Go for a degree in marketing or advertising sales and then minor in design or photography.

    The design world is a really saturated right now! Like I said earlier its tough finding a decent job out of college with no or little experience.


    If you decide to go to an art school strictly for design, make sure you get TONS of internship work while in school!!!!

    My 2 Cents!

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