Some say yes and some say no - which one is it?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by petrucci666, May 23, 2011.

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    I have an unlocked iPhone 4 from Europe but I've moved to the US two months ago.

    I'm using it on AT&T without a contract.

    The phone has been acting weird lately - with almost little to no usage, the battery only lasts 5 hours or so after being fully charged. I calibrate the battery and all take care of the phone.

    My question isn't about how to fix that, but in case I decided to go get an exchange at the Apple Store - will I preserve the unlock?

    Some say 'Yes, you'll get a new unlocked iPhone, in the same status you gave it to them', while others say 'You bought the phone in Europe, you can't exchange the phone in the US'

    So, what's the verdict?

    p.s. I know this is asked often, but like I said - some say yes and some say no.
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    and some will say to call Apple and get a direct answer.

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    At the iPhone hacks section.
    Im positive that the unlock will carry to the replacement iphone you will receive.
    Contact Apple to make sure but I heard many people having no problems swapping their unlocked iphones in the US and maintaining the unlock on the replacement they got.
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    I would imagine that the reason you're getting different answers is because they don't sell unlocked iPhones in America. I can imagine that they're just not trained it how to give you an unlocked one.

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