Some Songs Refuse Authorisation?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Kardashian, Mar 31, 2006.

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    Sep 4, 2005

    After I recently upgraded from my G4 mini to a G5 iMac for Photoshop purposes, I have been struggling with my iTunes library.

    When moving from the mini to the iMac I copied 12GB of music onto CD's.

    I dragged the contents of the CDs into my iTunes Library folder, and all was added into my Library, in iTunes.

    Heres the strange part.. NONE of my Music Videos play, ONLY SOME Music tracks play.

    I get the error message, that I need to authorise my iMac to play these files, as they were purchased from the Music Store. Fair enough

    I do this. It congratulates me on my authorisation (There must be an error, as I have authorised it so many times I have probably gone past the 5 computer limit tenfold!)

    The strange thing? 90% of my Purchased Music has authorised fine, I have even purchased off the Store since this has happened, on the new iMac, and they have authorised themselves fine, actually they never asked for authorisation, they just played

    I'm currently missing my Mary J. Blige, Jaguar Wright & Flo'etry albums.. the 3 I L*O*V*E!

    Pleeeeease help. Please Please Please! Apple haven't responded to 2 e-mails :( :mad: :confused: :eek:

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