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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by GimbalRates, Feb 27, 2013.

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    Feb 27, 2013
    With the lack of a current "try before you buy" system in place in the App Store, it's my opinion that it's more important than ever to share feedback about applications and games.

    I came across this game by chance while browsing the New Zealand App Store. After a quick google search returned some results with developer interviews, additional game information, and some speculation on details, it became clear that at least a small crowd had this game on there radar.

    I, like many before me, took the chance and purchased the game based on the screenshots and developer info. (Something I don't normally do.) The price for the game roughly converted to USD is around 4.99.

    Graphics: the character models are decent for a mobile device, the environments on the other hand are a muddy mess. Despite the screen shots, the game will not have you saying "Wow". The environments are bland and unmemorable to say the least.

    Sound: There is very little to say here, due to the disappointing fact that there is well...very little sound. The background music is more of a monotone humming sound than an actual soundtrack. Aside from the occasional grunt of an enemy being attacked there is a surprising absence of sound and zero dialogue. This really takes away from the immersion and atmosphere of not just the environments but the game as a whole.

    Camera: This is what hurts the game the most. The dog is walking you in this respect. The camera is controlled as it is in most third-person action games, your finger swipes will rotate the camera around the charector. the problem comes in when the camera is being controlled automatically, it rarely if ever is going to do what you need to. You'll spend most of the time fighting with the camera, trying to get a decent view, only to have it for nothing after taking a few steps.

    Gameplay and controls: The gameplay revolves around only two action buttons at the lower right corner of the screen labeled "A" and "B". Tapping A is for a basic melee attack while holding A is a heavy attack. B is a block and dash jump. That's about how far the combat goes. There is a Execution feature, (though you won't see much with the camera). The levels are for the most part, extremely linear. The basic controls and combat is the same for both the alien and the predator. There are a couple fun side missions but it's nothing to write home about, and yes, you do get cloaking and thermal vison but a lot of times those seem like a "just for fun" game mechanic.

    Conclusion: I wanted very badly to like this game. Between the lack of sound, absence of any gameplay other than "smash A", and the nauseating camera I unfortuneatly failed to take away any enjoyment.

    To my fellow IOS gamers, I would advise skipping this one or at the very least wait until a sale.
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    Feb 27, 2013
    Quick update for those who may be interested: The game has been released to the US App Store.

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