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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by iOSOS, Jun 14, 2012.

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    Jun 14, 2012
    Will Apple survive without Steve Jobs? The biggest mistake employees of Apple can make is to start believing in the cult of Apple. I do believe that focus is the key to success. We have recently seen the unveiling of iOS 6. Other mobile operating systems are also in rapid expansion. It´s only normal that people start raising concerns that iOS is not moving fast enough. My thoughts on iOS 6 is all about mixed feelings.

    I rely heavily on Google Maps for work and I can't see myself using an Android device. I have owned several Android devices in the past and they all feel clunky or bloated to me. Apple made the right decision to leave out transit information and solely rely on 3rd party apps. Stand alone 3rd party apps are faster, richer, and more reliable. I don´t know anybody that uses Google Maps to find a bus or train. You don't go to the hospital when you need a dentist.

    But that said any new maps app need to have really solid driving and walking directions. I am often walking in new neighborhoods that I am not familiar with and therefor depending on the GPS and the maps app.

    One thing that I love about Android is that you can download applications that list the name of the person or company that is calling you. This is really handy if you don´t already know the person or the number. I hope Apple releases an API for that. Something else I am also hoping for is cross-device AirDrop support between my phone and devices near me. Consumption of media could also be beefed up. Today the consumer can only download items. I see a future that consist of media items coming to you. One example of this is raising numbers of popular podcast applications, newsstand, youtube to name a few.

    I believe that we are going to get limited widget support in iOS 7. Something that is missing today is easy access to those calendar entries, direct call access to top friends.

    My idea is that Apple will move all the apps to a Launchpad... area on iOS similar to the mac. When you click on Mission Control you can swipe left and right between windows. The newly introduced features to the phone app is great but one thing that really feel old is voice mail. Siri could translate voice entries and display them to me as text entries.

    Google always say that they are about openness but this in untrue. The best experience is a shared experience. Because of this I am really looking forward to a search engine that ties into the ecosystem of apps similar to what Siri does today on iOS. I also hope that Apple don't try to defeat Facebook with a similar network since Apple is not solely built for social.
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    allllrrriiiggghttyy then!

    itll work out buddy, i think jobs had a lot to do with apple, but i doubt he did every aspect. A lot of talent there.
    as to the maps, you can use safari for googlemaps. or just not upgrade to 6.0?
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    Apr 9, 2011
    So basically the same as Android's app drawer then...
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    I doubt that'll EVER happen.

    But I'll say, if they debut a larger iPhone 5 simply to add another row of icons, I'll go insane.
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    Mar 7, 2008
    I will say it again....Widgets are useless. I don't want or care about them. To think that people think this is the biggest missing feature is amazing to me.
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    Wow I thought I was the only one. I have been saying how useless widgets are for years now
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    That's great, you feel better now?


    I love the credo of the typical fanboy.

    "My opinion is the opinion of the general population!"
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    Mar 7, 2008
    Little bit
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    Wow, really? Useless... I'll just end it there
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