Somehow I've ordered 5 iPhones!?


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Jun 26, 2010
So I woke up early like the rest of you and frantically tried to order the plus. Of course the server went down and I couldn't get through. On Several attempts I made it as far as trying to use Apple Pay to finalize the order but it would kick out an error saying payment wasn't processed and I would have to start over. Finally it went through and I went to sleep. I wake up this morning to several order confirmations.

After checking the Apple Store I do have 5 phones on order. Eek!
So my question is, since my delivery date is October 4 I want to wait to see which one ships first and cancel the rest.
Will I get burned and end up getting charged for 5 phones before I get a chance to cancel? Anyone else have problems like this?

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Feb 10, 2007
They could all ship at once or Apple could cancel them all at once since you are only allowed 2. I'd call and have all canceled but the earliest.
Interesting! I know that there's been a 2 iPhone limit in the past. I also know that I was unable to check out on Apple with 2 iPhones on the same line in my cart. So, I went looking for the official limit on Apple's site. So far, this is the only thing I've found (in the fine print here):
  • † Monthly payment may vary depending on condition and type of device you trade in and carrier financing plan chosen. Offer only available on presentation of a valid, government-issued photo ID (local law may require saving this information). Sales tax on the full value of a new iPhone and any applicable fees may be due at time of purchase. Value of your current device may be applied toward purchase of a new iPhone via an available carrier financing plan. Offer may not be available in all stores and not all devices are eligible for credit. To see if your device is eligible, please visit Apple’s approved partner. Some stores may have additional requirements. You will be required to agree to the full terms and conditions available at the Apple Store. Online and in-store values may vary. AT&T Next: Requires 20-month, 24-month, or 30-month 0% APR installment agreement and qualified credit. Tax due at sale. Wireless service (voice and data) is required and is additional. Service subject to Wireless Customer Agreement or Business Agreement. Limit 4 devices via AT&T Next or tablet installment agreement per account. Select locations. Device balance due if wireless service canceled. Restocking Fee: Up to $35. Upgrade Option: Requires payment of 12 installments on 20-month agreement, 18 on 24-month agreement, 24 on 30-month agreement; account in good standing; trade-in of your financed device in good condition; and purchase of new eligible device with qualifying wireless service. After upgrade, unbilled installments are waived. Coverage and services not available everywhere. Other restrictions apply and may result in service termination. Other Monthly Charges/Line: May include taxes and federal/state universal service charges, Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge (up to $1.25), gross receipts surcharge, Administrative Fee, and other government assessments that are not government-required charges. Terms subject to change. Verizon Device Payment: Participation in the Verizon Device Payment program is based on a credit check. $0 down for qualified customers. Some customers will be required to make a down payment. To be eligible for the Device Upgrade option, the original device purchased using Verizon Device Payment must be returned in good working condition and have no significant damage as determined by Verizon Wireless. Good working condition factors include, but are not limited to, functionality, cracks, visible corrosion, water damage, charging port, and whether Find My iPhone is turned off.
Edit 1: HAHA! Editing to add to my silliness - It's right on top of the iPhone 7 splash page. Says limit 2 iPhone 7 and 2 iPhone 7+ per customer.

Edit 2: Okay - somehow when I googled it, it brought me to the Apple Singapore page. Which clearly shows a restriction. The same restriction isn't noted in the Apple US page or the Apple UK page.
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