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    I have an iphone 5c that I have owned for about one month. I subscribe to Straight Talk wireless carrier. This afternoon, I activated another phone through ST (not an iphone) and shortly after that I noticed that I had no cellular data package on my iphone. Prior to this incident, the carrier name in the left upper corner of the phone would read :TFW LTE". Now is says "HOME 4G". Even with this I cannot access any internet, email or anything other than a phone call. I called ST on my iphone and was told to call from another phone. After connecting again with ST, I noticed in settings that my carrier is now AT&T. I told the CSR at ST that someone had to have done something on their end to create this error. After about an hour with them, they were perplexed. They wanted me to factory reset my phone right then, but I said that I needed to backup everything to my itunes account first. We tried resetting the network settings, but that did not work. Any suggestions?

    UPDATE: After plugging into itunes it updated and now the phone shows TFW LTE. Have no idea why this happened in the first place. Anyone else ever had this type of situation?
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    Someone thought they were transferring their number to a new carrier and accidentally entered theirs. :eek:

    I'm pretty sure Straight Talk or AT&T had to make some pretty big mistakes to allow this to happen. They're supposed to verify that the request is coming from the same SSN as the owner of the phone number.
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    Since you were just adding another phone today it is more likely whoever was inputting the information just checked the wrong box or entered the wrong code.

    No harm, you got it fixed.
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    Your screwed. Good luck with them hair balls at ST to get you back on the right track.:D

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