Someone needs to at least try to compete with Apple

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Zirel, Oct 13, 2015.

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    Jul 24, 2015
    Just look at HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, offerings...

    They simply don't even try to compete with the iMac...

    • Dell: their top of the line XPS 27 is still 2560 X 1440, at $2199, it has a 8GB of RAM, 2TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive + 32GB mSATA Solid State Drive, it sill has a CPU/GPU combo comparable to the previous iMac 5K...

    • HP: their top of the line Z1 G2 is still 2560 X 1440, at $2749, you get a beefy Xeon E3 processor, which contrasts with Intel graphics, and you still get a 1TB hard drive, yet a 7200rpm one, the good part is the expansion slots: 1 MXM; 2 mini-PCIe mSATA (full-length) that might compete with the dual Thunderbolt 2.0 slots. Their more consumer-oriented Envy Recline line is completely out, with a FHD in a 27"...

    • Lenovo: offers you a very confusing line, with some crappier models at hight prices... the best option at 1499 for... again 2560 X 1440 in 27"... with i7 4th gen, 8GB of RAM and a 950M, the hard drive is 1TB 5400 RPM+8GB SSHD, it's actually not bad price/performance... but still, not a 4K/5K display

    • Asus: They have announced 3 days ago an AIO line with option for a 4K 23.9" IPS, but no word on pricing...
    So... without 4K/5K displays to compete, it really is a one player game... okay that 5K pannel might be rare, but not even a 4K display until now?

    No wonder Apple has free reign to offer HDD's and the like. The competition can't catch up in the basics, much less in design.

    Apple also offers older models at discounted prices, and cheap 1080p models, but for people that want a high quality desktop, with a display that fits 2015 (i.e. something better than the smartphone you have, Am I right to expect something better than qHD for a 27" display?)...

    Apple seems to be the only stop. Asus might offer some competition with their new line, but Apple isn't changing their prices to compete with Asus, specially now...
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    Time, because it rules EVERYTHING!
    The area most computer companies will compete is in the tablet space as for consumers that's where they are spending the money, computer sales are falling year on year overall because of tablets.
    Also Dell and HP utterly dominate over Apple in the business world, Apple needs to compete with them here.

    Asus also has a good component business. And Dell owns Alienware, both Asus and Alienware sell computers that are fully upgradable for the same cost as an iMac which some would consider to be more important then an all in one iMac, even if they aren't all in one machines.

    The HP Z1 G2 is a workstation class computer that can be specced up with professional level Nvidia Quadro graphics cards. It is way more powerful platform with more configuration options then the iMac and features a touchscreen panel option.

    The iMac is on it's own really in the consumer marketplace. But Apple has always offered the iMac as an all in one machine.
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    MSi have some ugly but extremely tasty all in ones.

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