Someone needs to clarify this 6 month early upgrade stuff.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by witmvpness6, Jun 12, 2010.

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    AT&T is marketing it's for current iPhone users only but Engadget is saying AT&T has told them otherwise. Still, my account upgrade eligibility hasn't updated.

    "Update: Good news, addicts! AT&T just pinged us to clarify that so long as your upgrade date is anytime in 2010, you're now eligible to spend an additional two years paying dues to AT&T. In other words, a fair amount of you will be able to buy one of these at contract price on day one. The full statement is after the break, along with AT&T's full pricing release."

    Anyone work for AT&T or have a friend that does to clarify this once and for all. I called my apple store and the employee said she thinks it's any AT&T customer with upgrade eligibility in 2010.
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    Cmon, many many many threads on this topic....

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