Someone please explain something to me about the new iMac...

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by FloridaMac, Apr 14, 2010.

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    This is in regards to the 'Faces' and 'Places' function in iPhoto. I thought when you bought a new iMac it came with Snow Leopared as the operating system and that system didn't have those functions in iPhoto because they were a part of iLife and iLife wasn't included in Snow Leopard. Yet when I looked on the apple website it makes it sound like you can do those things in iPhoto when you buy a new Mac (with Snow Leopard). I have an iMac I bought last year and just recently upgraded to Snow Leopard and noticed I couldn't do those things in iPhoto. What's the real story here? Unfortunately I don't have my old iLife discs anymore.

    Also, if I need to reinstall iLife, can I keep Snow Leopard as my OS and just get the iPhoto back?

    I hope all this makes sense...thanks.
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    iLife is separate from the OS but comes with new Macs. If you upgraded from Leopard with iLife 08 to Snow Leopard, you still have only iLife 08.

    If you want Places and Faces, you need to buy iLife 09. Its applications are installed like any third party other application.
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    iLife is included with your new iMac, it is on the second restore DVD you get. If you have to reinstall Snow Leopard on your new iMac then you will need to reinstall iLife as well, I believe.
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    Herein lies the answer.

    when apple ships a new system, it includes the following:

    Mac OS X 10.x.x

    essentially at the time of shipment, it includes the most current version of OS X for the system, and the current version of iLife.

    So if you bought a system today, it would be OS X 10.6.3 Snow Leopard, with iLife 09.

    When you purchased your system, it included OS X 10.5.x Leopard and iLife 08.

    The snow leopard installation disk you buy at apple for $29, does not include iLife, solely OS X 10.6.x

    If you wanted iLife, you would have needed to buy the Mac Box Set, for $169, that includes OS X 10.6.x, iLife 09, and iWork 09.
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