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  1. AaronRuinedIt macrumors newbie

    Feb 27, 2012
    I am going nuts right now. I own a white iphone 4S and just recently purchased a bluetooth keyboard for it. I try to connect the keyboard via bluetooth but the bluetooth just keeps searching, never finding. I tried over and over to connect it, making sure I did exactly what needed to be done in order to connect, still nothing. So, I did what anyone would do in this situation, searched answers. Multiple people said the best thing to do which helped them was to turn off bluetooth and the device, and reset all settings, so I did. When my phone was done resetting, most of my contacts were gone, which wasn't a big deal and my bluetooth STILL didn't work. By this time I'm kind of irritated and gave up on it. That isn't the part I'm going nuts over. I was texting a few friends after it was done resetting and they all said the same thing, "Why is it sending me your email?" I had no idea what they were talking about then they explained that my email was showing up instead of my number. I have gone through the settings of my phone trying to find a solution and am having no luck. I'm having a terrible night. Please someone tell me they have had this problem and its fixable.
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    Firstly can you tell us what keyboard are you trying to connect to your iPhone?

    About the email problem. It seems you are sending iMessages instead of the normal sms message. That can be easily changed by going to setting -> messages. You can either switch off iMessages or else set up your iMessages to send from your number instead of your email.
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    Feb 27, 2012
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    It's called a kiano 4. I looked in my settings to see if I could edit what iMessage send from and couldn't find it.
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    Sep 7, 2005
    Just a quick troubleshooting step regarding the keyboard - have you verified that other devices (for example your Mac or PC) can see and connect to the Bluetooth keyboard?


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