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Jun 5, 2016
I got curious to see if I could sell my 6s plus. so i put up an ad. now since i turned down their offer they're threatening to blacklist my phone with at&t through the imei. i'm sure they're just mad they couldn't try to get it for a cheap price and threatened this. I'm sure theres no way they could do that since they would need access to my account, know my social security, and more info about me to try to do something with just that number. just wondering. wont do that again lol
[doublepost=1468450849][/doublepost]quick update. just got off the phone with at&t and they said theres no way for them to do that any other way other than through the carrier. and they would need all my personal info.
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Nov 27, 2007
You could always reply back and agree to sell your phone, get him/her to meet up at Starbucks. Then never show up... Or give out you home address which turns out to be 45 min out of town.
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