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Jan 10, 2015
It's sunday and I have to finish a job but for the moment I can't because they's something who's disturbing all keyboard and mouse action.

Links Pro Issues/1.m4v?role=personal Pro Issues/2.m4v?role=personal

Video 1. is the issue reacting on an app who's a script commander
Video 2. The mouse is on the bottom of the desktop

When I put the bottom of a windows where the mouse is parked, the windows is moving inside or outside.
It look like there is something is hitting the click off the mouse at this position of the screen.

With Teamviewer the issue is disturbing but it's easier :confused: to reach something

Already try:
Starting in safe mode = issue disappear
Disable all start items = issue appear
Disconnect my touch screen = issue appear

I have 2 screens, the issue is on the one with the menu bar

MAC PRO 10.8.5 MacPro5,1 6-Core@3,46GHz
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