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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ouimetnick, Jun 8, 2010.

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    So this IS a GM seed, and its running on my iPhone 3GS. I want everyone to know it will not expire soon. I have the date set manually to December 31, 2015 and then rebooted, and was fine. If it was a beta, you would get the pink screen if you set the date past the betas expiration date. And the expiration date wouldn't be in 2015. Also, it seems for me that my iPhone 3GS is actually MORE responsive on 4.0 than it was on 3.1.3. I only have my media on it, and no Apps, but so far so good.

    A bug I noticed is that when using the scrubber in the, scrubbing to the end of the song, goes to the next, but the scrubbing ball is placed randomly and not at the beginning where it should be. Also, when this occurs, the music shows that it is playing, even the timers move, but there is no sound unless you touch the scrubbing ball.

    The camera app is a bit tricky sometimes too. I had to tap the lower left or right five times or more to get the zoom bar.

    In short, it has some minor bugs, but this release will not expire, so yay. I did have my UDID registered, but I hear people claiming that its not needed.
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    Jun 10, 2010
    What file did you change for the expire date?
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    I just tested out scrubbing and it works normally on my 3GS and the zoom bar comes up on the camera app every time I've tried so far (I just did it several times in a row tapping in different places at the bottom, all worked on the first tap). I agree about it being more responsive. I was actually running 3.1.2 before though, but I don't think 3.1.3 was much different. The camera app for example seems a lot more responsive as does swiping through pages on the springboard.

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