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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by mossme89, Dec 27, 2009.

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    Jul 2, 2009
    Disclaimer: This is just speculation, but is a plausible scenario...

    Assuming the "iSlate" will be released, running a crossover of iPhone OS & OS X, Apple would have 3 operating systems:

    iPhone OS -> "iSlate OS" -> Mac OS X (desktop & laptop).

    Here's what Apple could also be planning:

    They could be extending the AppStore to all OS X platforms.

    All 3 "operating systems" would be running OS X underneath. We don't know about the iSlate, but it's only logical. Because of the base of OS X on all the devices, coding differential would be minimal. Developers would likely have to release different versions of their software for different platforms, but the process of developing for other platforms would be more like tweaking then porting. Snow leopard already supports OpenGL & cocoa, so little (if any) new software would be needed.

    The evidence is there. The "magic tablet" could be an input device for MacBooks/iMacs/minis that could have an accelerometer and multi-touch, therefore minimizing potential issues with interaction in apps.*Some Apple executives have commented about how surprised they are with the success of the app store. Steve is the type of CEO who would take this success and run with it, to create even bigger successes. That's how the iPod became so immensely popular. It keeps being improved...

    Think about it. With a cross-platform AppStore, the revenue would go through the roof! Developers would immediatly jump on to make their software cross platform compatible because their potential revenue sources just tripled! And this would be a great oppurtunity to extend the Mac gaming & software community!
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    iSlate = eReader + NetBook + iPod Touch

    I totally agree that there's going to be a new "middle" operating system with the release of any kind of slate/tablet device. :apple: firmly believes in making software to match the hardware, unlike Microsoft who thinks that Windows is a one-size-fits-all OS (anyone use WindowsMobile anymore???).

    I believe that :apple: is going to redefine the market in that the iSlate will be a hybrid of a Kindle-like eReader, a web-browsing NetBook, and an iPod Touch c/w download-able apps.

    I predict/hope that the form-factor will resemble the iPhone in that it'll be a single slab with a multi-touch screen filling the top surface. Apple likes to minimize whenever possible, and so any additional buttons would be a-typical. It won't fold in half either, as :apple: seems to be moving away from any kind of mechanized parts as seen with the slot-loading optical drives, available solid-state hard drives and so forth.

    There may be 7" & 10" versions, or just one size, I'm not too sure. A 7" would be nice and portable, but too similar to an iPod Touch. A 10" model would be ideal for viewing textbooks, magazines, websites & movies - plus, it would allow enough space on screen for a near-full-sized virtual keyboard (which may or may-not have some kind of tactile response/feedback). The screen should be some kind of color ePaper technology so that reading is easy on the eyes, otherwise it will never sell as a Book replacement.

    As noted earlier, the OS will be a OSX/iPhone hybrid in that it'll have the simplicity of the iPhone c/w download-able apps, combined with the versatility of the full OSX. We all know that iTunes has been hugely successful with its music, videos, movies, podcasts & app store, so it's logical to assume that :apple: will simply add newspapers, magazines & books to the store. "iGuide" may be a new name for the actual store to eliminate confusion between iTunes the app & iTunes the store. Or "iGuide" may be something else entirely.

    I like the notion of making the Apps available not only to iPhones & the iSlate but also OSX! OSX already has widgets on the dashboard, which could be translated into an App screen like the iPhone's, but I'm sure that would have to wait until OSX 10.7. Keep in mind, :apple: wants to keep your home Mac as the hub for all of your peripherals, so there's definitely going to be a OSX connection of some kind.

    I like the above idea that "Magic Slate" is a Mac peripheral of some kind enabling you to use your iPhone/iSlate Apps at your iMac or MacBook This idea would be abnormal for :apple: as they really aren't in the peripheral business these days (aside from the keyboard & Magic Mouse), as they usually let third-party makers do this for them (the margins are minimal, and not worth :apple:'s R&D time).

    Anyway, these are my thoughts on the upcoming iSlate. Let me know what you think! :)
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    Apr 28, 2009
    Just think of all the iSlate cases and screen protectors that other vendors will be able to sell with this new thing! A growing industry, if I ever saw one.

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