Something Like Franklin Covey on the Mac?


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Jan 31, 2005
Does anyone know of software for the Mac that works like the Franklin Covey software on Windows? I want something with an advanced ToDo list, week planning, daily tasks, goals, etc.



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Sep 3, 2004
London, UK
mcmike100 said:
Does anyone know of software for the Mac that works like the Franklin Covey software on Windows? I want something with an advanced ToDo list, week planning, daily tasks, goals, etc.

I sent an email to Franklin-Covey a while back asking them if/when they were planning on porting their planning software to the Mac. They responded saying they did not have any current plans to do so, but it would depend on how much demand there was from Mac users whether or not they would do it in the future. So if you want to see Franklin Covey software on the Mac, write them a letter and let them know!


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Jan 24, 2005
That guys family is soo weird. They all write self help books. I had to read one for a class and I felt creeped out the whole time.


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Jul 25, 2008
I also like it but the Franklin Planner is another thing...

Thanks, I really like OmniOutliner.
I also like Omni products, which I have bought to increase productivity but the Franklin Planner is based on a 'system' that you have to learn and experience to appreciate its value and power. It is based on the 7 Seven habits and other other important principles.

I used it on a TabletPC for years and I have to say that it is the ONLY thing I miss from my Windows days. No single application is made like it.. and will not be until they port it. It's their system.

I am dying to have it on my Macs. I need it. The OS X calendar and to do makes me want to cry. It is that bad wen you have experienced Franklin planners.

Franklin, what's up with you? What are you wating for? Make the app for Macs. I will not switch back to PC nor I will run Windows in my Mac just for it.


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Jan 6, 2002
Perhaps it would be worth giving CrossOver or Wine a try to see if it would allow you to run Franklin Covey's software on an Intel Mac at least.

BTW, my wife works for Franklin Covey, so I fully understand the attachment to the "method", though I don't really get it.



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Oct 9, 2008
tried crossover/wine. plan plus uses the .NET framework, which doesn't work with crossover. has anybody else gotten anything to work?


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Jul 12, 2006
Gloucester, England
I have never heard of Franklin Covey but it seems a bit like Filofax. If that is the case you could try Circusponies Notebook. Another app I highly recommend is Curio (I have just started using this after switching from CP Notebook :) ) which is an amazingly powerful info manager/notebook/project planner etc..

D "Mac" daddy

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Feb 5, 2008
Yep , I used the FC planning software system from the start.



1) mac computer users are the upper end, and have money..
2) porting over PC software to a mac, does cost some money, include it into the cost (!!)

I pay $3K+ for a mac, do you thing i would blink to pay for a software package that is $200 or $300 ?? to sync with my iphone and ical ...!!

Come on guys/gals open your eyes,
COD4 hi end game over to a mac, in 6 mo .. HELLO .

Check out omni focus,.. the ipone version is real nice you can add photos and voice recording. to me there passing up FC

FC , need to look around, this is a tough time, bad business go to the side fast..


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Apr 11, 2009
Believe it or not..

The original Franklin planner software, called Ascend, started out for the Mac. I purchased it sometime in the 1990s. My version is dated 1992. Franklin-Covey discontinued Ascend long ago. My old version runs on the Mac Classic emulated environment on my Tiger version of OS X. It is wonderful. Just like the paper Franklin planner, except on the computer.

Since there is no Mac Classic environment on Panther, which means I cannot run Ascend, I have not upgraded to Panther. The only reason I have not upgraded to Panther is so I can continue to run my Ascend software.

For awhile, there was a Franklin Planner which ran with Outlook on the PC, but I found it substandard. Boo Hoo.

Anyway, I am now faced with a decision to upgrade to Panther. I sure hate the idea of saying goodbye to Ascend.


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Jul 22, 2011
Rosamond, CA
Franklin Covey Substitude

I used to run Claris Orinazier/Palm Desktop, which was very close, and filled my needs. But since Palm has stopped development, I found it lacking. Now I found that Opus Domini fills the void (including, visions, master task list, etc) except for contacts. The developer is making small increments, and I hope/believe will eventually add contacts and produce an iOS version of the app.


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Jul 10, 2008
Orlando, Florida
I too wish there was a Franklin Planner style software available on the Mac. I used Plan Plus for Windows and Plan Plus for Outlook on my Windows Laptop for years and absolutely loved the Plan Plus for Outlook

After switching to the Mac I am not overly happy with what is out there. You could subscribe to Plan Plus Online, it's web based though, but it does do everything and right now has a yearly fee of $50.

I also just ran across a cute little App in the Mac App Store called Opus Domini that pretty much looks just like a Franklin Planner. It has the daily pages, record of events, appointments, there are even sections for goals, compass, master tasks and mission statements. Pretty much everything there is in the Franklin Planner. There is a free "Lite" version as well if you want to try that out first. I did end up getting the full version at $8.99 and so far I am liking it. The sad thing though is that it does not sync to anything, but the look in feel of it is just like using a Franklin Planner type binder.

Also, On the iPhone and iPad is an app called Pocket Informant which can use the Franklin Covey methods. The developer is very active and even hinted that a Mac Desktop version might be in the works. Both the iPhone and iPad versions are great. They also make versions for other PDA's, but the Mac version would be the first desktop version they would ever do. As for the PC, Pocket Informant works great with Outlook on Windows.
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