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Last night I was doing some general surfing, no porn, no p2p, no crackz/warez/stupid games. I had a tab open with some Google search results in it (I tend to control click so the original list stays) for Vinopolis, a restaurant in London.

When I minimised the Safari window, I found a pop-up behind it which I shut without even really looking at it. I put the PB to sleep shortly afterwards.

Tonight, I woke up the PB and brought Safari up again. I noticed something odd in the first tab. It was still a page of Google search results but now it was for "" I never searched for that! :eek: The page immediately before it is still for the Vinopolis search.

Where on earth did those search terms come from? Could they have come from the popup?

Looking back through yesterday's history, there is a page listed around the same time called 1.Click Here - but when I try to click on it now, it tells me that Safari can’t open the page “” because it cannot redirect to locations starting with “(null):”

Some fast work with the X button gets that it came from
and redirected to;rid=1;tid=2;ev=1;dt=3;ac=14;c=98;
before getting to that (null) value

The pages on either side of that are a Guardian newspaper article from their archives and Macrumors!

Any ideas?


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Mar 16, 2004
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Do you suffer from periodic blackouts and find that people you don't know often speak to you as though you were friends? If so, perhaps this was done by one of your other personalities.

Otherwise, is it possible that you accidentally clicked on one of the links on the original Google page immediately before putting the PB to sleep?


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LOL! No blackouts here - at least, not on 'school' nights!

And no, there's no pokerpulse link on the search results - I hit the back button to go back and check. It just seems very odd - I'd think I imagined it if I couldn't see it up there in the tab.
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