Something serious that I'm worried about happening (Why consumers may be ruining )

Discussion in 'macOS' started by JakeJLF, Apr 13, 2015.

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    Nov 1, 2014
    If you've noticed over the years, Apple has made OS X more like iOS but did not do anything to make iOS more like OS X.

    As some other people have said, casual consumers might be ruining apple.

    They take away features from OS X to make it less "confusing" if a casual runs into it and complains.

    I'm super worried about iMovie. If they make a new video editor (like they did with Photos) I'm pretty sure they'll trash some of the iMovie features (Wait, no, I'm POSITIVE.)

    I don't have 300 bucks for FCPX and I use iMovie to edit my YT videos. I find it to have a great interface, while maintaining the cool features and shortcuts I like. And if they make a new video editor, I'm pretty sure they'll remove PiP, green screen, etc since iMovie is supposed to be for consumers.

    AND since iMac is aimed at consumers, what if they trash all the ports in the next re-design?

    AND it seems that they are REALLY trying to turn Macs into iOS devices. Just look at the page when you the buy 12 inch rMB. EXACT same as an iPhone buying page. (and with less config options too -_-)

    What do you think guys? If they do what I just said, then what will we use? I DREAD windows and PCs!

    I'm scared to be honest.
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    Dec 19, 2014
    I'm not what you'd call a "fanboy", but I think Apple are smart enough to realize that if they kill off the serious pro user market, they will sink as a company.

    Why has Apple become so popular? Because they actually make pretty darn good products. They need to avoid chasing consumer demand if they want to remain in business.

    Their stuff is powerful yet highly usable, and they would be silly to destroy that.
  3. leman macrumors G3

    Oct 14, 2008
    This is a blatant oversimplification and a total nonsense to boot. Sure, there is visual convergence over the two platforms — which makes a lot of sense. And sure Apple is taking a lot of lessons they have learned from iOS and using them in the OS X — like the excellent trackpad technology and some very useful software design paradigms.

    Let me guess, you are a gamer? :rolleyes: When you write 'casual' it almost sounds like you are swearing.

    What features did they took from OS X that was so confusing for casuals? Please entertain us.

    Well, iMovie is not OS X. Its a free editor for OS X, by Apple. Should it at some point not meet your needs, I am sure that you will find some other option.

    BT, from my 'casual' perspective, Photos is a huge update over iPhotos. I hate managing my photo collection, and Photos allows me to do this quicker and gives me a better overview. I have no idea if it lacks some obscure features from iPhoto (I have Pixelmator for editing photos, so I couldn't care less), but as a photo management app, its miles better.

    So reusing a great web interface means turning macs into phones? You are hilarious. What would you prefer? Have them listed 9 different options, for each color and spec? The config options are not at all different from Air or MBP 13" — different choice for upgrades based on tiers.

    The most hilarious bit is that Windows was indeed trying to turn computers into tablets with its tile interface and touchscreen madness. We all know how well the 'casuals' received that. And yet for some reason its Apple who gets accused for 'smartphonization' of their desktop OS. I think its very sad that so many people seem to be devoid of any kind of abstract thinking...
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    Nov 1, 2014
    Well, Yes, I am gamer, but I'm saying that a lot of casuals can be really bad at using a computer. (AHEM quick example: )

    The web interface is great, yes, but it's pointing towards Macs becoming more like iOS devices with less config options. (just my guess)

    And I think Photos is awesome. Not ever saying it wasn't. But if iMovie gets gutted, then I probably won't find another free editor that good.

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