something up at itunes tv shows

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by ibrainch, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. ibrainch macrumors regular

    Oct 2, 2002
    Chicago, IL
    anyone notice that there is a big black space on the tv shows page? looks like potentially a lot of new content being announced today.
  2. 68164 Guest

    Feb 27, 2006
    looks suspicious...

    It's late Tuesday night where I am and for the last couple of weeks at about this time new tv content has been added...and I agree with you about all that black space...I'm hoping CBS comes to the party!

    But if iTMS really wanted to make a splash...Simpsons & Seinfeld would be awesome!!
  3. Chundles macrumors G4


    Jul 4, 2005
    Add Fox to that for Family Guy and American Dad.

    Then tell em to get off their arses and let us have some TV shows.
  4. 68164 Guest

    Feb 27, 2006
    Testing the waters...

    Somebody from NBC said that they wanted to test the market in the UK before releasing lots of content...seems a highly unlikely scenario that a TV show download service would be successful in the US but not the UK, EU or Australia for that matter - I'm with you Chundles - it's time for the rest of the globe - can't Apple get their regional HQ's moving in unison? Or does Steve need to be at every negotiating table...?
  5. liketom macrumors 601


    Apr 8, 2004
    UK ? TV Shows on iTunes ????

  6. john159 macrumors regular

    Nov 6, 2005
    the added a fox oc playlist.. i think they may have had this in the passed... but the blank space could be to announce fox network

    i am most likely wrong... but it would be cool:rolleyes:
  7. Ohmeohmom macrumors member

    Feb 22, 2006

    They just added the Daily show and the Colbert report
  8. admanimal macrumors 68040

    Apr 22, 2005
    There's actually more to it than just that. You can buy a single episode of these shows for $1.99 like normal, or you can pay $9.99 for 16 episodes which will automatically download in the future as they become available. So essentially it's kind of like a paid video podcast subscription. I think it's a relatively great deal, considering each episode ends up being less than $0.99. It's also cool because chances are that most episodes of these shows will never make it to DVD, so this is your only (legal) chance to get them all.

    I really wish they would do the same thing with Conan.
  9. TheDulcimer macrumors member


    Mar 6, 2006
    No kidding, i was so upset when i found out it would ONLY be stupid specials.

    -The Dulcimer-
  10. mrgreen4242 macrumors 601


    Feb 10, 2004
    The need to do this for all shows, in season long plans. They sell old seasons for ~1.50 an episode (when you buy them all at once) but that's a bit pricey still, as it's not much less than a DVD set is inferior in many ways.

    Now, if you could PREBUY a season for ~$1 an episode (seems like prepaying should be cheaper, for some reason), or $25/year for most shows, AND they upped the resolution, I think they would be onto something.

    I'd actually be willing to pay for an as filled version. Not much, mind you, but pay. Maybe $10 for 25 episodes? Assuming, again, they were DVD resolution.

    Gah, when are they going to make an Airport Express AV so we don't have to buy a $300 iPod or a $600 computer to watch stuff on our TVs?! And, yes, .11g can easily carry enough data to stream DVD quality video.
  11. Ohmeohmom macrumors member

    Feb 22, 2006
    They are adding Law and Order SVU too. I just noticed a banner for it but they havn't added the content yet
  12. john159 macrumors regular

    Nov 6, 2005
    wait where i dont see any banner???
  13. Ohmeohmom macrumors member

    Feb 22, 2006
    When I open up ITunes and click on Tv Shows, the LO SVU banner is one of the top three big banners on top, it happens each and every time I click on music store and then TV shows. When I click on the LO SVU bannner it defaults to Season 7 page and there's "Other Seasons" column there too. The content is blank though nothing to click on and buy.
  14. john159 macrumors regular

    Nov 6, 2005
    yeh...ohhhhh, i see that now.. thanks for answering back

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