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    Hi folks,

    I got 27" iMac on i5 recently and I wasn't blown away. I had the "beach ball" thing popping quite often and just I guess expected bit more for that price. So it's going back to apple tomorrow. However I need some sort of computer for my daily use.

    What would you recommend to buy for now to sweeten the long wait for new imac, that I could sell in few months time to fund the purchase of the desktop apple ?

    I was looking at MBP 15" late 2011 refurb - around 1400-1500 euro. But then again for 400e more I can get new one. Or perhaps latest 13". In any case I will be adding 16GB memory and going dual drive if its a laptop. And then if new imacs are awesome I will just sell that to buy imac.

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    Well I had Lion on it and then upgraded to ML only yesterday and didn't use it as much as while Lion was on. I did an upgrade on my friends MBP mid 2010. Put 8 GB memory and Seagate hybrid drive. Now running on ML and it is much faster.

    Now I was even considering getting the last one of the 17" MBP and just pimping it with memory and SSD + storage in ODD bay. But the refurbs are at 2k mark. For that I get the new MBP. I don't want retina anyway. So it's very hard to decide. I do play WoW and few other games so GPU would make a difference, if I was to keep the MBP and not go for the iMac.

    I should also add that I am now looking at getting a 2nd hand 15" MBP late 2011 i7 2.2GHz with basic setup and 6750 GPU but with the apple care till 2015 all for 1500eur. Again thats just 400 below the new 15" but with the nice warranty (if I manage to haggle few 100s of that price than it's a no brainer, but it's doubtful I will).

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