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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Jmanp17, Apr 27, 2013.

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    So I made this project on Garageband for a buddy to help me with and converted it over to iTunes. And what do you know? My crappy old 3G and 2G iPods skip right over the song when I went to show them to my buddy. I reset the iPod by hand 5 times, and even reset it to factory 7, still no luck. I created a few AAC versions, and there are TWO versions of the songs that won't skip, so maybe those are the AAC versions? I seriously have no idea, and I'm extremely frustrated. What can I do? The Garageband project no longer exists, so I can't exactly remake it.

    EDIT - I converted them to AAC and deleted the others and it IS infact the AAC files that work. Is this temporary? Or permanent?
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    You found your own solution. If the iPods don't recognize the song, they will skip it, exactly as you describe.

    The solution I found was to bring in the song into iTunes, right-click and select Convert to AAC. Let iTunes do the conversion and it seems to work consistently.

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