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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by silentownage001, Oct 2, 2014.

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    The title isn't really a good description. Basically a few songs (maybe more but I only know of a few so far) don't play all the way through. The next song begins to play yet the information and song time stay the same. It just continues to count up and down as if the correct song is playing. The last song just stops midway through. Total silence yet the timer keeps going. In iTunes they play fine. I tried deleting them and syncing, but that didn't work.

    Also, I added a song to iTunes (it was a free download on Facebook. Wasn't pirated as the youtube video had the link for it. They're just trying to spread their music) but it didn't add to my phone. Plays just fine in iTunes.

    Finally, there was a song I downloaded (not available on the U.S. iTunes store or Amazon). It's like it partially synced. It's on my phone but it's greyed out and I can't select it.

    All of this is after updating to iOS 8 and 8.0.2. Never did 8.0.1.
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    Check all your background settings as with iOS 8 the iOS devices are sending a lot more data than the previous versions and the wireless connection gets a hit a miss.

    And if you are using iTunes Match update the cloud from your computer.
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    Is this through Bluetooth or through the headphone jack?

    With Bluetooth, you'll have a lag between the playback on your device and what you hear over the speakers.

    Also with iOS 8, I've seen the Bluetooth audio do some strange things with my car, like drop the audio connection and then reconnect as a phone. And when picking up a call while listening to streaming audio, the signal drops first and then the car system has to search for the Bluetooth device again. It only takes a few seconds to reconnect, but the handoff is not seamless. Something similar might be going on at the end of songs.

    Also, I have seen this happen with iTunes Radio. If you resume a track after it has paused for a long time, you might hear whatever remains in the buffer and then have the song go dead until iTunes Radio skips ahead to the next song.
  4. silentownage001 thread starter macrumors regular

    Dec 1, 2011
    I had forgotten that I had turned iTunes Match off when trying to get the greyed out song to work. After turning that back on and syncing the new song transfered and the greyed out song now works.

    The songs that don't play right weren't fixed. I'll have to look at the settings.

    It happens when playing through the phone's speakers. I imagine it would do the same through through the headphones.
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    Jul 21, 2011
    Same problem

    I have the same problem. I have many songs that play through the middle and then just jump to another song. I'm not using iTunes match. The songs live on my phone but just don't complete.

    Also, when I got my new iPhone (6) - I added entire albums from iTunes to the phone but in many cases the entire album isn't listed even though I know I added the entire thing.

    I wonder if there is a connection between these two. With iOS 8 the music experience has been abysmal to say the least.

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