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Discussion in 'iPod' started by mowogg, Sep 10, 2008.

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    I'll try to make this short. I had a primary HD fail on my G5 tower. I have been using Time Machine to back up my drives and was able to get a new drive, install it and using the restore function on my Leopard install disk, get everything back and looking/acting just like before.

    I have now run into a problem. I used to have an iTunes account under an old email address that is no longer working. I know the address and password for this account, and had purchased 100 songs under that account. For reasons I can't recall, I switched to my dot.mac account info for iTunes, and made additional purchases from the store. Previously, all the tracks played just fine, but now that I have made the HD switch both accounts needed to be reauthorized. My current account did so just fine, but the old one didn't, telling me that the account couldn't be found (likely) or the password is wrong (less so, I checked) and now I can't play those 100 songs, or transfer them to my ATV (which was how I first discovered the problem).

    Does anyone know how I can re-access these songs? Is there an Apple Support email address that I can send this info to? I know that somebody famous had his ID stolen when somebody spoofed him to Apple so I'd guess there'd have to be some sort of validation, but I don't know what that could be. OKay, sorry, that wasn't too short.

    Thanks in advance,

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