Songs load onto Mini that I didn't select

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    May 31, 2012
    Ok, I tried searching and didn't come up with anything close.

    I bought my daughter a new iPad Mini three weeks ago for her birthday (7) and figured this will be easy, I can select the songs and apps to load onto her iPad from my library, no harm no foul.

    Well apparently not. Apps? Not an issue, if I want an app on there it's there, not all of them.

    Songs? WHOLE OTHER STORY! So I select a couple songs, it loaded all songs (some of which contain language and subject matter I don't want her to hear). So I restore it and select songs again, and it's fine.

    Today I buy her some songs from Frozen that she's been bugging me for, and it loads all songs onto the iPad. And I can't get them off. This is ridiculous, I don't use iCloud and have no interest in using it, so all songs that aren't physically loaded have the little cloud logo next to them, but still play.

    Any tricks or ideas to get JUST the songs I want for her, and nothing else? She's 7 and frankly setting up a dummy email address for her to have her own account isn't going to happen. Pretty disappointed in this whole thing.

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    Night Spring

    Jul 17, 2008
    Settings > music > show all music > off

    Songs with the cloud logo are not physically on the iPad, but are previously purchased songs that can be streamed or downloaded from the iTunes Store. By changing the settings as indicated above, your daughter will only see the songs you sync to her iPad.
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    May 31, 2012
    Well heck, that's pretty easy.:eek:

    I'll see if that does it, I ended up restoring it again and it only put the stuff on I wanted.

    Appreciate it!

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