Sonnet Tech Echo Express II--does this GPU fit?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by ebobster, Apr 10, 2013.

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    Hi, I bought a TB exspansion chassis and was wondering if i'd be able to put in this GPU from amazon.

    Just looking for confirmation before I purchase it. Link to specs on my chassis is here.
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    To answer your question:

    The Echo Express II will fit a 7.25" card, the Asus 6670 is a 6.6" card so you will have .65 inches of clearance.

    Why would you get that video card though? It will barley be faster than the internal graphics, especially over thunderbolt. Are you trying to run an eGPU using a native mac video card on OSX? If so that won't work. eGPU only works in windows (and maybe linux?) over thunderbolt, the only advantage of running a native card will be that the bootloader works without hacking it. You can run any video card with REFIND or REFIT boot loaders on windows, which take 60 seconds to set up.

    You can only run an external native mac video card on a mac in OSX if you're doing it through the mini pci express port. Which means you'd have to remove the wifi card. You can do that with a thunderbolt enclosure but you'd need a mini pci express to thunderbolt converter and then you'd only get 1x speed, which would definitly make the card you want to use as slow as the internal graphics.

    This limitation has to do with the way OSX treats thunderbolt ports as "hot plug" PCI express ports and video cards that are on "hot plug" ports are not allowed in OS-X, but are in windows.
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