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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by eclipse01, Mar 5, 2018.

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    I'm sure this is the wrong thread, but not sure where this would fit in.

    I would like to pick up a Sonus Play one for use in a bathroom with an echo Dot. I have Amazon music unlimited (1 Dot only version). My question is does this work well when paired to the Dot? Do I have to say the Sonos speaker EACH time I want to play something on the speaker?

    On a side note, I also have Apple music and would like to get away from having both music unlim. and Apple music, is there ANY way (outside of having a homepod) i can use my apple music on the sonos (remotely with voice) which is of course my ultimate goal....
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    My suggestion would be to buy the Sonos One.
    "The Smart Speaker for Music Lovers. Sonos One with Amazon Alexa built in."
    If you already have the dot then go with the play1.
    In answer to your questions, yes & yes. I have this exact setup. I purchased all of mine before the Sonos One came out.
    Sonos supports Apple Music & Amazon Music Unlimited natively through the Sonos app.
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    If you are going to get a Sonos One (as opposed to a Play:1) you don't have to name the room every time. I have Play:1's and a Dot, and while it works, I can never really be bothered with it. Voice control is too imprecise for me and I'm an Apple Music user anyway.

    Your One-Dot subscription won't work with either Sonos One or Play:1, because neither is a Dot. The Dot doesn't stream music to the Sonos - Sonos isn't a Bluetooth speaker. Sonos works by connecting to your music services or severs and fetching the music itself. So the Dot really only acts like a remote control, just like the Sonos phone/desktop apps. If you bought a Sonos One, you might as well put the Dot in a different room or sell it because the Sonos has it's own mic to take commands.

    As for Siri control, it's sort-of promised but I don't trust Apple to play ball now the HomePod has arrived. If it helps, you can use Alexa & Sonos to control a Spotify account instead.

    Sonos is great but using it to expand your Dot is a little backwards. If you want to get into Sonos, get a Sonos One to replace the Dot entirely and either upgrade your Amazon subscription or switch to Spotify. If you aren't going to expand into multiple rooms don't bother with Sonos, and just wire a regular powered speaker to the Dot.
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    its not that I wanted to get into Sonos, I just want a really good sounding speaker that would give me some "extras"

    but it seems it is not a right "fit" for my situation.

    Thanks All

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