Sony blu ray player on my 27" iMac

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    Hi everyone! I'm afraid I'm lost at this point. I'm just hoping for a little bit of clarity. I was just given a new Sony blu-ray player for Christmas. The all-in-one HDMI cord prevents me from using it on my tv, but I was told that I could hook up the player to my Mac. It's the newer thin-style 27" iMac. I was told to get the display port that connects to the Thunderbolt on the back of the Mac so I bought the Insignia mini display port to HDMI adapter. The semi-confused (or confusing) people at BB said that since this Mac has video input and output, it should work. They seems certain of this. Things are never that easy and neither is this since what they said is not working. I'm video ignorant and when I try to find any info or instructions online, I come across contradictory information or info way over my head. I see information on downloading blu ray read software for (commercial) blu rays but that's usually in conjunction with a blu ray drive. BB also told me my DVD Player software should read the blu rays or to get a generic software online like RealPlayer, though I had my doubts.

    Please, could anyone tell me if there is anyway I can play my Sony blu ray player on my iMac?
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    I did read about the TDM feature. Nothing happens when I try to activate it. It doesn't even seem to acknowledge it's existence. I pressed "Command" + F2. I even tried the "Command" + Fn + F2 though I didn't need to. Is there another way I can activate the TDM aside from the shortcut keys? I've been reading up on this best I can but no other options are being given.

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