Sony DCR-SX43 video quality

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Samuel91, Sep 2, 2010.

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    Jun 22, 2010
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    Last month, my dad bought me a Sony DCR-SX43 Handycam camera. I recorded footages and when I imported one footage to iMovie, the resolution looks quite low. Is there a way I could play around with the settings to make the resolution better?:(
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    Sep 7, 2008
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    According to this (Sony has no DCR-SX43 listed), the resolution is 720x480, thus it is already a "low" resolution.

    The camcorder records in Standard Definition (SD) and not in HD and it uses an older compression algorithm, called the MPEG-2 codec.

    There is not much you can get out of it. Maybe you can sell it and get a similar priced miniDV camcorder, as the image will not be as compressed as with the SX-43.

    DV is short for Digital Video, and every frame gets recorded with DV capable cameras, which results in a "high" data rate of 3.125MB/s (128KB per frame with 25fps).
    MPEG-2 compresses the image so much, that only every 15th frame is recorded and the rest is interpolated, thus you lose quality and information.

    MPEG-4 camcorders are better at this, thus many HD camcorders use a variant of it for storing the video, for example AVCHD camcorders.
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    Keep the camera. Your dad bought it for you.

    To get the best images from it,
    • Shoot in good light (smaller the camera, the more light it likes. Natural, not indoor, lighting is best.)
    • Use the exposure settings appropriate to the lighting; there's a setting for backlit subjects too
    • Use a tripod where possible.
    • Don't ever use "digital zoom"; for that matter, use optical zoom sparingly, too. Move closer.
    • Set the REC MODE to HQ to get the highest bit rate video
    • Use the touch screen to set the exposure and focus for the areas of interest

    While it may not look flash on a 65" plasma, it will do a great job for online videos and DVDs. Just keeping the camera steady, having lottsa light and paying attention to audio is more than half the secret to getting good video.

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