Sony HD camcorder and iMovie. Its seems to detect when it wants to?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by maf2k8, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. maf2k8 macrumors 6502

    Jul 14, 2009
    Ok i am confused here. I finally got my Macbook Pro ( late 2009 model ) and iMovie 09 to detect my Sony HDR CX-150 camcorder.

    I set the camcorder to record HD videos to the SD card and not the camcorders hard drive, that way i can just pop out the SD card and pop it into my SD card slot on my MBP.

    Well i had about 10 short videos ( about 6 minute clips ) on the SD card...I was trying for the life of my to import them into matter what i did it would NOT detect the SD card OR the camera...

    So i imported them to my Windows 7 machine. I then deleted them off the card, I recorded a quick 1 minute clip with the camera to try it again with iMovie and this time, it detected the SD card and imported the ( mts file ) without a problem...

    What gives? i had about 10 videos on the card and it would not detect the camera or the card but when i have just 1 video on there it detected without an issue?

    Am i missing something here or doing something wrong?

    Yeah i know i can Handbrake and other programs to convert my MTS files but i much rather save time and have iMovie just take them straight off the card or camcorder ( like they normally do ) no idea though why this time i had an issue?
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    Apr 1, 2004
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    Sorry to resurrect a long-dead thread, but I had been Googling for a long time to figure out this problem.

    I found my solution was that the USB cable had to be DISCONNECTED from the computer before attaching the camera!

    I know, simple. But my USB cable is short, and the connector is on the back of my new iMac, so I left it attached and just tried reattaching the camera (even going through all the Sony-recommended steps here

    I didn't have to delete SD photos, SD Movies, or anything else, just change how I attached the USB cable. Now it shows up in Imovie '11 just fine. Finally! :)


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