Sony Lens for a friend.

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by acearchie, May 30, 2013.

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    I would like to think I know the Canon lens lineup pretty well and if someone asked me I would be able to help them out with selecting a good lens for them.

    However, I have had a friend who got a hand-me-down Nikon DSLR (EDIT: turns out it's a Sony!) for his 21st birthday.

    Not sure which model he has but I am sure it is digital and probably one of the newer models maybe a few generations removed.

    At the moment I think he only has a 70-300mm and has asked what other lens I would suggest. He has quite a limited budget of only around £150.

    I have found the kit lens on eBay for £~79. I really think this might be the best thing for him.

    Would anyone suggest anything otherwise, is there a nice wide prime for a low price which I don't know about?

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    If he is really on a budget, sell the 300m lens and buy the "kit" lens. Likely he ws given that lens because the previous owned never used it. It is common with beginers to thing they need one of these, must don't. So sell it and buy something more reasonable with a MUCH wider angle.
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    Also is it a real SLR or one of those mirror-less cameras?

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