Sony NetMD and Creative Muvo question


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Aug 20, 2004

I have 2 questions. First of all, I own a Sony NetMd (model 505) and I'm wondering if it would be possible to hook it up to my apple (iBook 14" 1.2Ghz, OS 10.3). The manual of the minidiscplayer says nothing about Mac compatibility and I already mailed the Sony support but never got a reply. I suppose it's not made to work on a Mac, but is it doable? Are there any special drivers or apps (not made by sony) that allow me to connect my MD to my laptop and import songs on it? (My webcam is not supposed to be OSX compatible either but I found some drivers for that and it works perfectly except for the high-res snapshots, so maybe something similar can be found for my md?)

secondly: I was thinking of getting a creative muvo 256 (old model, but now available real cheap) for use as a memory stick (mp3 playback comes strictly as a nice added bonus for me)
The box says it needs windows and doesn't mention apple. Will it work on my mac? Anyone own one and have experience with this?

Thansk for the info,

P.S.: Before you say: "get yourself an iPod" I need to say, I'm very happy with the md as it has extreme battery life (56hrs) and has 4x longplay, allowing me to have 5h+ of music on a 1.2$ disc at a good quality. It works perfectly on my PC (though the bundled software is sloooooow and rather dumb) and supports mp3, wma and wav.


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Nov 9, 2004
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I'm a big MD fan (hence my username), even though I now use an iPod almost exclusively for listening to music. IMO, there's still nothing out there that beats MD for portable recording. Anyway, unfortunately there's no way to transfer music from your Mac to your NetMD player over USB right now. That said, the 505 has a regular line-in, so all you need is an audio cable and you can do real time transfers. If you want to step up the quality a notch, get a USB audio device that has an optical output, and you'll be able to do digital transfers over an optical cable. Of course, all the transfers will be real time, but it's better than nothing, and you can get better quality this way anyway (transferring over USB restricts you to LP2 or LP4). There are a few third party programs that give you limited NetMD support on the Mac. They basically just allow you to title your discs over USB (which is very handy) and control your player over USB. The main one I know if is called XMD, and you can find it here. I haven't used XMD, but I've heard from others that it works well.

Sorry, I don't know anything about the Muvo, so I can't help you there. Good luck.


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Oct 13, 2004
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Um yes, I've got a Muvo - its a 128mB model, and yes it works on a Mac. Just plug it in, and it mounts - disk utility shows it as a CREATIVE NOMAD_MUVO, Total Capacity : 125.0 MB (131,072,512 Bytes). The formatting software that comes with it is pc only, and if I remember you're not supposed to format it on a Mac, but it works fine.

Mines about 2 years old now, maybe more (can't remember), but if I was buying now I would get a Shuffle, or a 20gB iPod.......
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