Sony TV woes - anyone with similar experiences?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Ivan P, Apr 29, 2009.

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    Ivan P

    Jan 17, 2008
    So in July 2008 my family invested in a Sony Bravia HDTV (massive upgrade from our old POS SDTV :p). Anyway, it worked absolutely flawlessly and had amazing picture until about four weeks ago. Suddenly, while me and my dad were watching a movie one night, it turned itself off and the standby light flashed five times. Turned it back on, no problem, ten minutes later turns off flashing lights this time, nothing. Dad reads in the manual about resetting it, and this solved the problem for about 3 hours and it suddenly did it again.
    So back to our SDTV and we take the TV down to Sony to get repaired under warranty :p

    Anyway, after 3 weeks it's apparently 'fixed', so we bring it home, connect it again, and wow - the picture looks even better then when we first got it! (Could have been a major screen issue that was affecting it?). Anyway, last night we hooked my PS3 back up to it and put on a bluray movie. TV works totally flawlessly, and we turn it off using the remote, etc.

    Well I came home from work today and suddenly noticed the red 'standby' indicator isn't on. Odd, I think, I wonder if my dad turned off the power supply. Nope, that was plugged in. Neither the power button on the unit itself or the remote will get any sort of response from the system. Basically, it's screwed again. Dad, angrily, called the repair shop (which is the only Sony authorised repairer in the entire state and 'fixed' it completely under warranty using parts supplied by Sony) to ask exactly what they did to fix it. I'm not sure what they initially said, but they did suggest to unplug the cables connecting my PS3 to the tv and see if it works then. It still didn't. So basically we have to take it back down to the city - another 700km round trip - so hopefully it finally gets properly fixed this time.

    I'm just wondering, would anyone else put up with this sort of hassle with carting a 50" or so TV 700km several times because they're (apparently) too incompetent to fix the problem? It's a warranty repair, sure, and it's not their fault that we live in (almost) the middle of nowhere, but they should take into account the massive amounts of fuel we have to pay for in order to get the tv down there for repairs (freight is pretty much out of the question where we are). It's starting to get beyond the joke considering it took them 3 weeks to diagnose the 'problem', only for it to start happening the day after we get it back.

    Also, their comment abou t the PS3's cables to see if that was the cause, could someone please enlighten me as to how that could possible be a potential problem? Thanks :)
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    Mar 9, 2009
    I know some of the 2008 model Sony's experienced main board issues (not sure of the official name for the board). I work at an electronics store that does repairs and we've seen quite a few come in for service and they all seem to be coming back with the same repair done to them. We haven't had any issues with them breaking over again though. I would see if you can get a copy of their repair report and see exactly what was done, and then contact Sony to be sure that they are standing by this repair company and find out what the replacement rules are.

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