sony vegas on a mac?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by duranduranie, Jan 8, 2010.

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    Feb 18, 2009
    I have a Mac OSX 10.4.11 and i want Sony vegas, however this is only apparently compatible with Windows. is there anyway to get it somehow on a mac? I have heard you can using bootcamp but i have no idea what to do after downloading that. Please tell me if you know if its possible.

    Also; i don't want a sony vegas alternative like FCP. i already have that and imovie. but FCP is too complicated for me & imovie is awful for making videos if you want effects or anything. thank you.
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    Sony Vegas is Windows-only. In order to run it, you would need an Intel-based Mac with a licensed copy of Windows installed via Boot Camp. Unfortunately, Apple no longer supports Boot Camp with Tiger and they no longer offer it as a separate download like they've done in the past.

    If you were already able to locate and install the Boot Camp via another channel, you would simply open the Boot Camp Assistant (Applications -> Utilities -> Boot Camp Assistant) and partition space on your boot drive to allow for a Windows installation and associated applications. Then, you would obviously need a licensed copy of Windows to install from. Full instructions are here:
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    You can use an older version of VMWare or Parallels to run Windows on your Mac to run Vegas. However, I'm guessing since your Mac is running Tiger, it's older, and may not be smooth for VMWare or Parallels but that's just a guess.

    Also, I know you said you don't want to use FCP. But since you have a $1000 piece of software, why not give it a chance? The interface is confusing until you watch a couple YouTube tutorials. Then after about 10-15 mins you can simple edits.

    Trust me about FCP. It's one of the few applications, Windows or Mac, that's the most reliable and easiest to edit.

    But if you really really don't want to give it a chance, buy (Snow) Leopard, buy/install a copy of Windows, and install Vegas. And as mentioned, you need an Intel Mac.

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