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    Hi all, first post here on MacRumors... been lurking around the forums for quite some time now, and I (seemingly like so many others) have been waiting on a rev. b powermac update since December. The second they are released, I am ordering one with the works... I work professionally with digital media (graphic design, motion design, web design, pro audio editing, etc.) and have been using a PC my whole life (I know, I know) and have certain programs that I use and love for PC, and am presently on a mad search to find equivelants for the Mac OSX platform when I get my new G5. I have been successful in finding equivelants so far, but there is one program which I feel I simply can't live without and am extremely concerned with finding a comparable replacement for in OSX. The program is called IrfanView, it is a very simple image/movie viewer, and I probably use it every single day of my life. The things I like about IrfanView:

    It's minuscule file size, and thus, EXTREMELY fast loading time.

    You never have to actually install it. You simply unzip it to your hard drive and run it -- it somehow automatically associates file types (which are all infinitely customizable in the "properties" menu) and opens image files when you double click any item.

    Its ability to recognize every image file type I've ever run across, and more. It can and will open .txt documents and movie files as well, and even audio files if you want it to. If it is missing a codec to decrypt a video file, it will automatically search for it on the net (like QuickTIme (I think) or Windows Media Player).

    It has a selection in the "file" menu to "open with external editor". This allows you to open any image that IrfanView is currently displaying with an external editor, such as Photoshop. I use this option constantly.

    You can move through images contained within a folder simply by pressing the spacebar (to move ahead) or backspace (to move back). This is extremely useful for, say, when you upload a slew of photos from your digital camera and want to browse through them without having to double click every single one. And hey, if you see one you like and want to edit it in PS, see above... Another nice feature is you can full-screen an image by pressing enter, or rotate it left or right or vertically or horizontally by pressing L, R, V, or H.

    It also includes a small amount of options to adjust an image, such as "greyscale" or "negative" and some others. My favorite part about this is if you change an image and close the program or move to the next image, it doesn't prompt you with a "save changes?" box... It assumes that if you like the changes you made, you will manually go up and "file > save" before moving on.

    There is a nice little status bar at the bottom of the window that shows image information, such as image size in pixels, color depth, file size, when the file was created, etc.

    There are many other cool little options, such as the ability to set the current image as your wallpaper and the ability to copy an image to a specified directory by pressing a specified F-key.

    And best of all -- it's freeware! (I sound like an advertisement)

    Bottom line is, IrfanView is easily one of the most useful tools I've ever used on any computer. I'm sure there is something out there that is at least similar that is available on the OSX platform... Any help on finding something like this would be greatly appreciated.

    In advance, thanks.
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    QuickTime Player

    Interesting app, amazing product on a PC.
    On a Mac, if you attach a digital camera or a CompactFlash card or other camera memory media, iPhoto will open and ask if you want to download all the photos into iPhoto, and will then ask whether you want to trash or discard the files on the card or in the camera (usually, YES). Then, iPhoto helps you organize, view, or modify those files, including orientation and redeye.
    If you just click on an image file outside of iPhoto, Apple's free small "Preview" app opens instantly.
    However, I regularly override Preview by requiring all such documents to open in Photoshop, so I immediately have an indepth capability of croping & cleaning up images.
    QuickTime player (free) handles movies, audio, and even images. the inexpensive Pro upgrade allows you to manipulate the files, save them to disk, copy & duplicate, and all sorts of other things. This is especially helpful for QT files temporarily downloades from the Internet.

    If you can't live without IrfanView, you are unfortunately stuck in the PC world. Apple provides you with a full spectrum of iApp solutions for everything that you have described as needing, and much much more.

    Switchers often enjoy Apple's Support page for Switchers, which gives a ton of information about how to easily & painlessly convert to Mac, including WHY.
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    Well I know Gimp (the image editing software from linux) has been ported to OS X or to the X11 interface. It's open source and it's free. From what I know it's the closest thing you can get to Photoshop and Illustrator for free.
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    Jun 23, 2003

    I can't think of any apps that can't be dragged wherever you want. no registry.

    I can't think of any program equivalent to what you are using. irfanview.

    I know a few simple image editors/movie watchers.... teal for image manipulation, and mplayer or vlc for movies.

    and the built-in text editor (textedit) will open many many document types. word(and format em right!), txt, rtf, etc

    if you do happen to find something like it, lemme know and I'll probably use it too.

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