Sorry but I need help installing stuff!!!!New2Mac


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May 26, 2006
Hello! I am a mac user and owner as of today. [iBook G4] I have never used a mac till now so I am total noob. I need help!

I can’t even install simple software. So my question is which application should I specify to open this document.

Second question isn’t that important but how can I get rid of this icon.

And third how do I take SS (snap shots)?

O and is there a program similar to Microsoft Word for macs that’s made by apple? I have iWorks 05 but I don’t like it….is there another program similar to Microsoft Word??

Thanks in advance!!


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May 29, 2005
Hey and welcome to the forums!

Apple + Shift + 3 is screen shot of your entire screen

Apple + Shift + 4 is a selection

Apple + Shift + 4 + space is a window selection

Which icon? The hard drive? I'm not too sure if you want to get it off your desktop, but, Finder -> Finder Menu -> Preferences ->Show these items on the desktop, uncheck Hard drives

Is the software windows only? Are you sure it's for mac?

Microsoft Word (office) is made for Mac. :)


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May 28, 2005
Well the two i can think of right off the top of my head are.
For installing software, you can't use the same programs as you would for windows. The "autorun.inf" i believe is specifying for a cd to automatically launch a program when its insereted into a disc drive. This isn't a program at all but an instruction of the computer.
Applications for OSX are often in the .app file type. These are contained within .dmg (disc images) or .sit (compressed files, like .zip or .rar)

The problem with your icon? i can't tell what you're referring to from the screenshot

The problem with screenshots, take a look here

And the MS Word problem. Well....there's MS Word for OSX. If you don't like Pages (which is the editor in iWork, i love it, but some don't care for it) then you pretty much have to spring for MSOffice. It's a good application and gives you total compatibility with the Windows versions (though there are issues with powerpoint transitions and fonts and things, so watch that)

You might wanna check the beginner's guide it has lots of good information for people starting up

Hope you enjoy your first Mac!