Sorry if this has been asked before.. New Macbook


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Aug 23, 2010
Ok so I have just received my MBP today and i'm really really really x1000000 happy. :)

What software and tips have you guys got for me in terms of maintaining and getting the best out of it.

- I'm ordering a case tonight, as recommended by a friend..and someone on here mentioned this or a similar case too..

- Insurance will commence from January, and I have 3 years warranty with my student discount.

So was looking for tips and all and software that may be helpful/useful.

As you can tell i'm a first time Mac owner, have used Mac's now and again but have never owned one, until today.

Thankyou in advance.
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Jan 24, 2010
It will get hot and the fan(s) will run fast. This is normal and your Mac is not malfunctioning. Your battery health will go up and down a few percentage points for the first year of its life. This is normal.
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