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    Let me start by saying that I have done several searches and didn't find quite find my answers, so I've resorted to posting a new thread. :eek:

    I'm going tomorrow to look at buying Vista and have a few questions before I go.

    1. I'm wanting to spend as little as possible so I'm looking at the OEM versions. Has anyone installed an OEM version of Home Premium? Are you able to install it via Bootcamp without any problems?

    2. Don't have much HDD space left so I want the Windows partition to be fairly small. Would 15GB be enough for Home Premium? I don't plan on putting much on Windows. I will use OSX about 95% of the time.

    3. I plan on upgrading the HDD sometime in the future. With Vista OEM, will I be able to upgrade the HDD and re-install Vista? Or will that be too much of a system change?

    Thanks for you help. :D
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    Feb 28, 2007

    1) The OEM versions of Vista are now called "System Builder Kits". I purchased one (Windows Vista Home Premium) for $159 at the local computer shop. This is the exact same price for the RETAIL version of Vista Home Premium (UPGRADE).
    Remember these things when making a purchasing decision:
    a) OEM (or System Builder Kits) licenses do NOT allow you to transfer the license to a second (or further) machine if your present one goes bad.
    b) OEM licenses do NOT get ANY support from Microsoft (other than the preliminary support for installing the license).
    c) To transfer an OEM license to a second person (as in "selling" it), you must also sell them the ORIGINAL MACHINE you FIRST installed it on, since only it is licensed by Microsoft. In addition you must also transfer all copies of the installation media to the one you sell the license to. Once you transfer the license to another person, you will NO LONGER own a license to Vista, unless you purchase another one.
    d) OEMs (or System Builder Kits) of Vista may perform either an UPGRADE install (from within Windows Vista, XP, or 2000 only ), or a CLEAN install (as in Boot Camp).
    2) Vista requires a minimum of 20 GB FREE SPACE on your Vista partition just to install. I suggest 40GB.
    3) A HD upgrade will NEVER keep you from reinstalling Vista. Where you got something like that, I do not know. It IS possible that a HD upgrade MAY require you to "Activate" your OS again, however (because of the HD change -- basically, its size and Volume Label). If you purchase a legal license, you should have no problems reactivating Vista (which is what I think you are referriing to). You may or may not have to call Microsoft (the Vista activation wizard will supply a non-toll number for your area) via phone to reactivate it. This usually takes about 5-10 minutes. All the technicians are Indian, and a few have very poor English comprehension. If you find that you have to call the Activation Centre,
    a) Make sure you are HONEST and UPFRONT with the technician first and foremost. Many times, they will go ahead and reactivate your OS even if you are not entitled to a reactivation -- like when you change out the motherboard out of warranty (of course, if you build your machine yourself, Y(YOU are the Warrantor as well as the Warrantee, so .
    b) Speak as clearly and distinctly as possible.
    c) Use the BEST English you can (avoid using slang or street-talk).

    Donald L McDaniel
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I've read as much as I could about the OEM (System Builders Kit) at other websites but of course they were all aimed a PCs and not Macs so I just wanted to make sure it was the same using Bootcamp.

    2) From Microsofts website, it suggests 40GB HDD with 15GB of free space. I don't have 40GB free and I barely have 20GB free. But I really don't want to allocate it to an OS I'm not going to use very much. Since it says 15GB of free space it makes me think that I 15GB partition would work. I've also read that less that 20 is ok but did't give a specific number.

    3) I read that if the computer components changes significantly you would have to re-activate. And possibly that the upgrades could void the licsence.

    Thanks for your help. :)
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    Concerning the amount of space you need, I put vista on my macbook with only 15 GB, it ran fine for me. But I wasn't a major user of it, just mainly to see if I could get the free t-mobile promotion for free internet at starbucks and other locations.

    Vista is nice, enjoy (but its no OS X).
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    Just find an old version of Windows XP, it requires less space and it is cheaper than Vista.

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