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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Mattydj, Feb 27, 2007.

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    Feb 14, 2007
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    Ok i know i've got a bit of a reputation for being a moaning fool on here but this one i just have to share.
    This morning i called apple and gave then the predicament with my macbooks dead hard drive they said it probably was dead, took my serial number and confirmed it has an apple limited warranty on it.
    They told me to contact the nearest apple qualified service center which i did. Ipswich.... So now i know the nearest service center is 40 miles away....
    When i contacted them they asked whats wrong i told them blah blah...
    Now comes the bit i found strange. They asked me for my macbooks serial number which i provided exactly as i did with the apple support. They tapped it into their computers and almost immiediatly told me that there was no such laptop with that serial number. So i rang back again hoping to get a different person, (which i did). I told them the predicament and gave them the serial number. They again told me i had no such laptop with that serial number. They made me worry that i was giving the wrong number or that i had taken it down wrong. So i keyed the number into the apple support website and up pops my laptop with the warranty. I called this place in ipswich again. They then suddenly knew that my macbook had an apple warranty but told me that they wouldn't repair it under the apple limited warranty. After arguing with this person for 15 minutes they told me that if i posted my macbook at my expense then if it is the hard drive they will repair it free of charge. So i went from sorry their is no laptop with that serial number to you have one but we won't repair on the warranty to we'll repair if you pay to post.

    Sorry but what the hell?

    Note this was not a problem i had with apple support it was a totally different store which repairs macs. I had no problems with apple reps.
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    Sounds like a wht the hell. If you or they got the serial number wrong, one can see how that could happen. But if it's right, there should be no issue. I would start at the beginning again with Apple. Confirm coverage, and then go to the store to explain again. New day new person?

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