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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by IronWaffle, May 6, 2009.

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    If anyone else has had this issue (detailed below) or has any ideas, I could really use some help.

    I've had this problem off-and-on for a long time, but it seems stuck now. Bear with me because I have a hard time explaining, but I hope the two screen captures below make it clearer.

    I use the Sort Artist field to alphabetize solo artists by last name. When it works (which until the last two weeks was most of the time) the images below represent the correct order listing, but the dividers (which show the first letter of the first, not sort name) shouldn't be there. I don't mind the dividers so much, but it means that the alphabetical scroll on the right doesn't work right because it operates by those dividers, meaning that scrolling is erratic and search by artist is useless.

    A few things to note:

    In the past, this has happened only when

    1. plugging my iPod into my Windows Vista laptop without sync (strictly for charging) and would happen whether iTunes was opened or not.

    2. purchasing music (podcasts work fine) over wi-fi.

    The most consistent fix has been to plug it into the Win XP desktop where the library is kept, but that hasn't worked in the last two weeks. Other fixes I've attempted, but haven't worked:

    1. unchecking sync music, thus wiping out music from the iPod then re-checking the option and re-syncing.

    2. restore from factory settings and starting from scratch.

    I've shown the problem to folks at the Apple store and no one's seen it before. Their only advice was the second option above, but the restore had already been tried and had failed. (Note: this issue does also affect albums and songs to a much lesser extent, so it seems across the board problem with the Sort fields, but it's only in the Artist field that it renders scrolling unusable).

    Ideas? It's still under warranty, so I could probably swap it for another (losing my engraving -- which'd suck but I'd get over pretty quickly). I'm hoping 3.0 might fix the issue, but that's a long gamble based on blind hope. I could also just clear my sort fields but I hate searching by first name after having schools drill into me to always search by last name.:)

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    Based on the ratio of reads to responses, I'm guessing this really is that rare. Does anyone have a suggestion where to look for help? I was going to post to Apple's discussion board, but without the ability to attach an image I don't think I could explain this well. I'm guessing if I go to the Genius Bar they'll want the iTunes library handy, too, but it's a clunky work desktop, so it would be exceedingly difficult.

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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