iPhone (Sort of) ios 6 dock on ios 7

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    For iPhone5S, winterboard was recently updated. I applied the ios 6 theme and am not patient enough to wait for an update to either the theme or winter board (whichever it is) for the ios 6 dock. So I have a slight workaround that is a bit of a pain in the butt. But it does work.
    You will need icon renamer and dock shift in cydia
    This also only works with the default ios 6 home screen wallpaper and standard dock: phone mail safari music (you can change bg if you like)
    But this is what I have uploaded

    Simply apply the attached wallpaper to your home screen (if you are running ios 6 theme) and use dock shift: transparent mode to remove the ios 7 color and use icon renamer to blank out the app titles for the 4 apps in the dock. This will give you a some what ios 6 dock on ios 7 until it is updated. Granted it is very far feched but if anyone is impatient this may help

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    Here's how it looks with full ios 6 theme. Not perfect but it works

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    I'd like to get the mountain lion dock with the iOS 7 icons, is it possible?
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    Classic Dock was just released but every time I open the settings app it disappears.
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    Make a new without icons in the dock

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