Sorting music on the iPhone? Annoying

Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by kappaknight, Oct 28, 2011.

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    In my iTunes, I sort my "Favorites" list by the 1-5 star rating that I give the songs. When synced to the iPhone, iPhone orders them alphabetically by the artist. This seems to be a new thing cause the old version was able to sort in the same order as iTunes.

    Is this a bug? Is there a way around this?
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    Fix Sorting for Smart Playlists

    I got this answer from

    It works perfectly for me


    This is actually an old bug that keeps coming up every year or so at random, whenever Apple makes major changes. I don’t know why they don’t test this immediately before a release, and make a permanent note of what fixed it last time. Essentially, if you have a smart playlist that you reorganize in iTunes, your device won’t get your updated play order; it will re-sort the playlist the way it thinks it should be.

    Credit for this one goes to TechGeekBlogger at the Apple discussion boards. I just include it here because odds are if you’re pissed off about the first bug you’re annoyed by the second as well.

    There’s an interesting workaround that TechGeekBlogger discovered: a smart playlist on an iOS device will sort things the way it wants but a smart list composed of other smart playlists will work fine. I noticed this when I checked to see that my “smart shuffle” playlist (which accesses playlists for different star ratings with rules for each one) would let me re-sort it but my podcast playlist wouldn’t.

    Essentially here’s a workaround Create a new smart playlist with the following rules (and only the following rules):
    • Playlist is (your old playlist)
    • Limit to (however many) items (ordered as you like)

    Then sync the new playlist to your iOS device. This new one should be able to be re-sorted in iTunes and have its new order updated on the device as well.

    Hope this prevents some of you from pulling your hair out like I’ve been doing.

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