Sorting through pics on a mac?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by .JahJahwarrior., May 15, 2007.

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    On a pc, I simply open up one window then drag and drop the good pictures into another folder. On my MB, which I'm still getting to know, I'm finding it a tad harder. I open the pictures in preview by selecting all of them, so I can view them at a decent enough size to note if it's too out of focus. When I drag it from the "drawer" in preview, to a folder on my desktop, there is a "poof" sound. If I drag the file from the non-preview window, it moves it. Is there an easy way to view the pictures at a large size and move the good ones into a new folder? I'm talking 500 pictures to go through :) Looking at them large then switching to a different window for every good shot will get old. Is there something like the "filmstrip" file viewing option from PC's on a mac? It was in between a thumbnail and a full image but let you copy it easily to a new folder by dragging.

    Thanks for your advice!
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    Import your photos into iPhoto. You can view your photographs in full screen mode... delete, adjust and rate as you please :).
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    Indeed, I think finder could use a better quick preview system for photos (I suppose 'quickview' in leopard will fit the bill), but you can also just bump the thumbnail size up to 128 if that would be enough to remember which shots should be kept (hit cmd-j or view-show view options).

    iphoto is a quick solution but i'm not a fan of it or any library type program (my library's just too damn big). i use lightroom to go through photos, and iphoto is just fine for this sort of organization. if you set it not to copy your files but just work with them at their present location it would probably be the best option for you.
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    Photo Mechanic is a good program for initial ingesting and sorting of images.
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    I just found an awesome program that sounds like it might fit the bill for what you want. I hated not having a decent Preview feature that you could "arrow" through a single folder.

    Download Just Looking. Honestly, I think this is my single favorite program on my Mac. It keeps you from having to import EVERYTHING into iPhoto and allows you to be more discerning. Very Mac-like interface too.

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