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    Hi all..

    Regarding your iTunes library on ATV, is there a way to sort them alphabetically ?

    For example, most appear fine, but i do get the odd ones as follows :-

    The boy

    It seems AppleTV ignores "The"

    or is the a way to make this work via iTunes ? I tries dragging. Going by "Name" tab on Apple TV doesn't help, so it looks like a file name issue..

    However, Finder displays it correctly as "The ...." after "Spring...". Why doesn't Apple TV show this in order ? or iTunes for that matter when adding to library. ?
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    It is normal and generally accepted to ignore the leading "The" in titles. Finder doesn't do it because it doesn't distinguish between names of media files or names of other files. If you want "The Aviator" to sort in the "Ts" instead of the "As", edit the Sort Name in iTunes. Get Info on the item in iTunes and click the Sorting tab, where you can add the "The" in the Sort Name.
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    As the poster above says.

    Right click on the movie (in iTunes) and chose 'Get Info' and choose the 'Sorting'' tab

    You will see a window like this:


    You can see here the movie 'A Good Day to Die Hard' has a Sorting Name without the 'A' so it's listed alphabetically with the 'G's'

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