SOS Cloud Online Storage Won't Disappear

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by immobilus, Jan 17, 2016.

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    I was going through my console today looking for information from just prior to my last reboot, when I came across the following line. It has been repeating, apparently' for at least 48 hours. The process is called SOSCCCProcessSyncWithAllPeets. I've done some research and came to discover that SOSCC stands for SOS Cloud Online Storage, a remote backup server. I'd never heard of SOS Cloud Online Storage before. The program isn't in the applications folder. and I cant locate a launch daeman for it.

    __SOSCCProcessSyncWithAllPeers_Server_block_invoke sync with all peers failed: Error Code=1032 "peer: BK02qPVEVLYZ3nZoPT0bpoX2sQ not found" UserInfo={NSDescription=peer: BK02qPVEVLYZ3nZoPT0bpoX2sQ not found}

    Can you please tell me what the above text means? It came from my system log file. I don't want it on there.

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