SOS, my iMac won't boot cuz I'm an idiot!!!

Discussion in 'macOS' started by richyscot1, Feb 26, 2010.

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    I have just bought a MAcBook and was trying to get my Time machine hard drive that's connected to iMac to act as a shared drive (it now appears I can't do that), and in doing so I came across the privileges option in the 'shared' options in 'system preferences'. So, I thought Eureeka!! That's what I need....... I need some privileges....and so select my iMacs hard drive and clicked away....bad move!!

    Now, my mac won't boot. I now get a flashing folder with a ? mark in the middle. So I thought...I know I'll put in the Snow leopard installation disk and boot from that...still no, it trys to install a fresh copy of snow leopard and guess what........I can't install it onto my iMacs hard drive....pants!!! So, now what do I do??? Everything's backed up to my External hard drive so I'm not overly worried about losing my photos and music...etc etc.. But, I now have the worlds most expensive paperweight...please Help!!!!!'s added permissions to my hard drive used for time I'm quite scared!! I've connected it to my MacBook, and I can't even look at it, as I haven't got permission......How do I get read write access to my time machine hard drive without destroying a lifetimes worth of photos, videos, etc etc....????

    Update 2.......I now have my computer up and running again....heaven knows how?? However, i have 2 hard drives connected to that stores all of my media and the other that is used for my time machine...I don't have access to either. How do I get access to my hard drives again?? I need all of my media!!! Help!!
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    Mar 4, 2006
    You should be able to boot off the OSX install disk and cancel the installation. It will drop you into a cut down GUI from which you can start up Disk Utility. That will tell you whether your hard disk can be rescued.

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