"Soul of Ice Fire" a strategy card game

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    Sep 17, 2014
    Today, I bring an ancient myth style mobile card game for you. The game has 3 key words: strategy, combat, card!

    First, let's watch the story background of this game from a video:http://youtu.be/T1icoRi705I

    Strategy: The game is different from other card game on the combat and this is 1V1 and turn-based with an automatic combat option. And you can collocate 10 cards as a deck, and then five cards will appear on the battlefield randomly. Card skills have the buff and debuff effect. The core gameplay is the card collocation. A variety of skills give you a lot of fun.

    Combat video: http://youtu.be/1OsNJjQOf4w

    Combat:Currently, Arena and Ladder are open for players to combat.

    Arena: Each race of Arena will have 6 rounds. The race will end, if you win 6 times or lose one round. You will get according rewards there. You can challenge the player whose level is higher or lower than you in ten levels. You can get rank point if you success. Higher of the result rank, more rank value you will get. Every week, there will have 2 term Arena, Top 1 will get a 4*card.

    Ladder: Players reached to level10 can enter ladder to have PVP battle. They can challenge five players whose rank is higher than them. Everyday you can challenge 15 times for free. You will get gems as the rewards after you challenge successfully.
    Cards: The most interesting part in the game is cards. Card has 5 star ratings and each have its individual skills and COST. The cards style is realistic and exquisite and perfectly shows the Gods’ characters.

    Ready to join me?


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    Sep 17, 2014
    Gameplay of "Soul of Ice fire"

    Soul of Ice Fire is a Free game. Customer server is very good:D. It provides Chinese, Russian, German, English,Spanish and French Customer Support. You can contact us with any one of the 6 language.

    It is a game with European mythology as background. The cards includes Terran, Protoss and Inferno. Each kind has its special skills.


    1,Collect powerful cards and build your own decks to start a new adventure.

    2,Then you can 'Edit', ‘Upgrade’,‘ Strengthen ’, ‘Reincarnation’ and 'sell' your cards and make your card more powerful.

    3,And you can also borrow powerful cards from your friends to help you fight. After you have the powerful card, just show your power in pub, you will get rich reward. Besides, you can kill world boss to get a lot of gold to strengthen your cards.

    4, You can 'Wear' ,'Strengthen','make' and 'sell' your outfits to make your hero more powerful.

    5,Enter the pub to challenge other player to get reward and attacking world boss with other player. This is the most interesting part.

    6,Powerful cards and unique battle strategy make you invincible in this journey.
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    Sep 17, 2014
    Two beautiful cards from "Soul of Ice Fire"

    Do you like those two cards?

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